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How To Pick The Best Nail Shape For You

How To Pick The Best Nail Shape For You - Bellasonic Beauty


What is the best nail shape for you?

Navigating Nail Shapes

When you walk into a manicurist you're typically overwhelmed with the number of choices you need to make all at once. From the type of manicure you are looking for to the choice in color, nail decisions can change the way your hands look completely. Nail shapes, however, are overlooked more often. It has always been a common theme to choose square or oval-shaped nails. There was no serious thought of what nail shapes could say about you. In today's beauty industry we have revolutionized the meaning behind nail shapes entirely.

Nowadays people are more prone to choosing an appropriate nail shape that matches their personality. Choosing the right type can make a statement and say something about you. Because of the current pandemic, it has been quite the struggle in keeping our nails maintained. Nail salons all over are closed and we find ourselves in a pinch because of it. Luckily, there is an impressive solution. In the world of DIY, doing your nails has become an incredible trend. With the help of the Bellasonic 4-in-1 Rechargeable Electric Nail File, you can get those salon-inspired nails you've been missing out on. 

Gel & Acrylic Nails

If the last time you had your nails done you chose gel or acrylic and find yourself frustrated with the recovery process, you're in luck. The BellaSonic 4- in-1 Rechargeable Electric Nail File has unique oscillating head technology that avoids using heat and friction/ one direction spinning that damages nails. This technology helps repair nail damage that has been caused by acrylics/gel much quicker. 

How to Pick

The main factors to look out for include: your nail bed width, nail length, and finger shape. If you have shorter fingers you may want to keep your nails longer so that it slims out your hands. If you have long slender fingers it may be best to choose wider, medium-length shapes. 

What Your Nail Shape Says About You

Square- Square nails depict a more serious tone out of all the nail shapes. Square nails are classic and elegant. If you are someone with a narrow nail bed and slim fingers, this shape is best for you. With the Bellasonic 4-in1 Electric Nail File, getting a perfect square shape is easy and quick for home nail care. 

Square with Round Corners- We love this slight adjustment to the seriousness of the square shape and it is great for people with small children to not snag and scratch those chubby cheeks.

Squoval- Squoval is a very popular shape that combines the straight lines of the square with a rounded top of the oval shape. The type of person that gravitates towards this shape enjoys looking polished and will typically add an awesome design on a finger or two to make their nails pop!

Oval- Oval is like the pearl necklace of the nail shape world. They exert power and elegance. They are a classy and timeless shape and is one of the easiest shapes to create. Oval is great because it works for people with short nails or long nails. It is a more versatile choice. 

Almond- Almond nails are chic and trendy. It says you are a person who is adventurous and ready to go on any occasion. It is a sexy nail shape that works for people who don't like the complete rounded nail but also like the slender aspect of it. This shape suits people that have slender long fingers. 

Stiletto- Stiletto nails make a bold statement. It shows that you are confident and unapologetically you. They are a fun and unique way of exuding sex appeal. They are long, pointy, and all about the drama. This is a perfect style for people who want to show off their daring style. They are like a fashion accessory and are perfect for finalizing a creative outfit. 

Coffin- Coffin nails are a strong nail shape choice and are also called ballerina shape. Because this shape is a lot about length, you can capitalize on that by adding unique patterns or designs. This style is best for people who enjoy longer nails and don't get bothered by them. They are stylish and have enough space to enhance the nail with a myriad of gems and rhinestones. 

Other shapes to experiment with are Trapeze, Edge, Lipstick, & Pointed. The great thing about nail shaping is that you can try them all because your nails will always be growing.

With the Bellasonic 4-in-1 Electric Nail File, you too can create a high fashion look that is chic and stylish. Your friends won’t even be able to tell they aren’t salon nails! Check out How To Use Bellasonic at home to get a perfect at-home healthy manicure.

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