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The Top 8 Nail Trends For Summer 2021

The Top 8 Nail Trends For Summer 2021

Finally summer is fast approaching and with the world opening back up it is going to be filled with fun adventures, vacations, and gatherings. Bright color combos, pretty pastels, naughty nudes, and creative nail designs will be the perfect finishing touch for your summer style. Think linen, sun dresses, and styled up basics. We’ve rounded up the top 8 nail polish trends for summer 2021 that you can create at-home with Bellasonic 4-in-1 Rechargeable Electric Nail File Set.
Top 5 At-Home Pedicure Perks

Top 5 At-Home Pedicure Perks

Pedicures are a special kind of luxury, but as we get older, taking regular care of our toes becomes more of a necessity. These ‘luxurious necessities’ can become costly, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the same perks of a pedicure - at home! 
Winter Nail Trends 2020

Winter Nail Trends 2020

Nothing puts us in a better mood then dreaming up new nail art designs! We have rounded up some of the latest trends this winter up until Valentine's Day. Plus we're including some of our recommendations for at-home polishes, sets, and brushes to make your nail designs a reality from the cozy comfort of your own home!
Holiday 2020 Gift Ideas for women and teens

The Best Holiday Gifts 2020 For Beauty, Skincare, & Nail Lovers

Holiday season is starting earlier this year because quite frankly we need some additional cheer and joy. Here is the best gift guide for the beauty, skincare, & nail lovers in your life with a variety of price points to match every holiday budget. Remember it’s not the price that matters it’s the heart behind it. 
8 Steps to The Ultimate At-Home Manicure

8 Steps to The Ultimate At-Home Manicure

Manicures and pedicures are one of our favorite pastimes. They’re relaxing. They’re calming. They make us feel prettier, cleaner, and more feminine. We love spending a few hours at the nail salon (and we'll book appointments weeks in advance just to make sure we can!), but with a few simple steps, you can recreate that same salon experience from the comfort of your own home!
Nail Trends for Fall 2020 Are Anything But 'Basic'

Nail Trends for Fall 2020 Are Anything But 'Basic'

Update your fall manicure routine & mix it up this year. There are no rules or regulations in 2020 (except wearing your mask!), so don’t be afraid to try out some of the newest – and most unexpected – nail trends we’ll be seeing this season.


Regularly applying, curing, or changing gel polish or acrylics can do some serious wear and tear on your nails, especially when it comes to the removal process. if you cant get to a salon to have your gel polish or acrylics professionally removed, then be good to yourself and make sure to practice these tips when it comes to at-home removal techniques.
Moving On: Millenials, Manicures, and Tik Tok - Bellasonic Beauty

Moving On: Millenials, Manicures, and Tik Tok

Get your fingers ready for some of the latest nail trends hitting social media these days. At-home manicures never looked this good!
"What Have You Done With Your Hands?" - Nail Care For the Older Generation - Bellasonic Beauty

"What Have You Done With Your Hands?" - Nail Care For the Older Generation

There are a few ‘symptoms’ of older age, as seen in our hands and nails. Shaking hands, delicate skin, limited strength & arthritis all make at-home nail care difficult. Bellasonic electric nail file is designed with maximum ease and mobility in mind. Learn how to get the take care of your nails from home.
Healthy Nails 101 - Bellasonic Beauty

Healthy Nails 101

Did you know that your nails can reveal clues to your overall health? So aside from wanting your nails to look great you want them to be physically healthy. We are going to outline how to get healthy nails from the inside to the outside.
How To Pick The Best Nail Shape For You - Bellasonic Beauty

How To Pick The Best Nail Shape For You

From the type of manicure you are looking to the choice in color, nail decisions can change the way your hands look completely. The main factors to look out for to select the best nail shape are your nail bed width, nail length, and finger shape.
Best At Home Electric Nail File Takes Off During Pandemic 2020

This Under-The-Radar At-Home Nail Care Device Has Taken Off Amid The Pandemic

When Bellasonic launched right before the holidays, founder Reuben Driggers could hardly contain his excitement. The brands only product, a patented electric nail file, was the perfect stocking stuffer for beauty lovers everywhere—or so he thought.

But Santa Claus didnt stick Bellasonic in stockings as he carried out his Yuletide duties. The brand only generated a handful of sales in its first few weeks. Driggers says, “You can create the best product out there, but, if you cant get it in front of the right audience, it goes nowhere.” He tried to build an audience with influencer collaborations, but they fell flat.

The history of electric nail files

The History of Electric Nail Files

Every woman wants flawless nails and beautiful feet.  According to Nails Magazine, the size of the US nail salon services market is over $8 billion!  Many, however, do choose to groom their own nails at home because it is more practical, convenient and fewer salon visits can be a huge cost savings.  The perfect manicure/pedicure can be time consuming and may require many tools that are not always user-friendly.