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"What Have You Done With Your Hands?" - Nail Care For the Older Generation

"What Have You Done With Your Hands?" - Nail Care For the Older Generation - Bellasonic Beauty

There’s a famous scene in Gone With The Wind where Scarlett O’Hara, who has been suffering through the effects of the Civil War, tries to convince Rhett Butler that she and her family are doing just fine. In reality, they are poor, working the land, and just barely making ends meet. Scarlett nearly convinces Rhett Butler that she’s still as rich and fancy-free as she used to be - until she takes off her gloves and Rhett sees her hands. “What have you done with your hands?” he asks. “These don’t belong to a lady!”

You can tell a lot about a woman by her nails and her hands, and in Scarlett O’ Hara’s case, working the land and running a household has had some unwanted effects. They used to be soft and delicate, and now they are worn and dry. Younger girls today might not have to ‘work the land,’ but they also may not realize that as they get older, their hands and nails aren’t quite as strong, soft, or flexible as they used to be!

The country isn’t suffering through a Civil War today, but it is suffering through a pandemic. Even though nail salons across the country have shut their doors, it doesn’t mean your nails have to suffer. There are plenty of at-home tools, like the Bellasonic 4-in-1 Electric Nail File Set, that can give you the manicure you’re looking for and that are gentle, safe, and effective on nails of all ages.

When we’re older, our cuticles and our nail beds weaken. Our skin becomes more delicate and a little spotty. Our joints and muscles lose their strength and flexibility. Once upon a time it was easy to meticulously apply nail polish or get to the salons for regular manicures. But shaking hands, weaker muscles, older age, and the COVID-19 pandemic have certainly got in the way of being able to take regular care of our nails.

If you can’t get to the nail salon anytime soon, there are still plenty of products available that can bide your time until you do. And many of those products are designed for older women who have to take extra-special care of their skin and nails.

Here are a few ‘symptoms’ of older age, as seen in our hands and nails: 

Shaking/Trembling Hands:

As we age, our muscles naturally weaken and we can begin to develop 'tremors.' We can see this ourselves when we try to carefully hold a cup of coffee. Anxiety, stress, caffeine, and medication can contribute to these tremors, but it's also a very natural part of life. The precision and stillness required to paint our own nails becomes almost impossible. Clipping our nails becomes more challenging too: even though nail clippers are small, their blades are sharp and potentially dangerous for aging skin. 

Electric nail tools like the Bellasonic 4-in-1 Electric Nail File Set is easy to use, as it does the 'moving' for us. It's unique design also minimizes burns and damage that other electric nail tools can cause. Bellasonic does the ‘moving’ for you, and if it accidentally hits your skin, don’t worry! It’s unique technology is designed to be safer than other electric nail files out there.

Limited Strength & Arthritis:

Aging can also weaken our muscles and joints, which makes wrapping our fingers around a nail file much harder. The parts of our body that used to bend easily start to stiffen more and more. Pinching our fingers around a bottle of nail polish or tightly gripping a nail file can become much more difficult! This is why manicurists and nail salons become much more of a necessity rather than a luxury as we age. We might not be able to apply color to our nails like we used to, but we can still keep them trimmed, shaped, and shiny from home! 

The Bellasonic 4-in-1 file comes with 4 different discs, each designed to shape, smooth, buff, or shine your nails. You will be amazed by how clean, shapely, and shiny your nails will be after a few minutes with the Bellasonic. And the best part is that it does all the work for you! The wand is easy-to-grip, too. The only thing you have to do is turn it on with the simple push of a button.

Delicate Skin & Age Spots:

Another characteristic of aging can be seen quite clearly in our skin, as it can become thinner, more translucent, and prone to dark-colored 'age spots.' Thinner skin means it can be more prone to cuts, bruises, and burns, and when we’re older, those take a longer time to heal and are far more of a nuisance to deal with. Nail technicians need to take extra care when working with an older client. But since most nail salons aren't open, we can still take matters into our own hands with gentle yet effective products: think ultra-moisturizing hand creams, gentle cuticle oils and orange sticks, and safer electric nail tools like Bellasonic's 4-in-1 Electric Nail File. A few swipes with the Bellasonic can trim, shape, or buff our nails (and gently too, with its unique design technology) until we can get back into the nail salon.

Let’s face it: nobody wants to get older. But getting older also means that we have lived a long life. Like Scarlett O’Hara, we have survived, and we have thrived! Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has made it harder to get our groceries, go shopping, or see our family and friends, we have adapted (just like Scarlett). We can now have our groceries delivered. We can visit with our family and friends on Facetime. And we can use online retailers to order whatever it is we need - from the safety and comfort of our own homes.

While we might not be able to schedule our next manicure, we can still take regular care of our nails. There are an endless amount of nude nail colors, hand creams, and manicurist tools available online, including the Bellasonic 4-in-1 Electric Nail File Set. You might be surprised by how great your nails turn out. Not even Rhett Butler would guess that you haven’t been to a nail salon in months!

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