The History of Electric Nail Files

The History of Electric Nail Files

May 06, 2020

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Every woman wants flawless nails and beautiful feet.  According to Nails Magazine, the size of the US nail salon services market is over $8 billion!  Many, however, do choose to groom their own nails at home because it is more practical, convenient and fewer salon visits can be a huge cost savings.  The perfect manicure/pedicure can be time consuming and may require many tools that are not always user-friendly.

For over 60 years, women have sought an all-in-one powered grooming tool for a faster and easier manicure at home.  Modern interpretations of the originals are plentiful, but they don’t usually work that well.  Rotary disks and drums that spin rapidly in one direction can create intense heat from friction that can burn and cause damage when not used properly.  They are rough on the nails and cuticles and are difficult to control.  Reciprocating disks that slide back and forth have little power and are simply glorified mini emery boards.  The premium versions of these tools are more powerful, more expensive and they can cause more damage!

There is a market, though!  Despite consumer disappointment with traditional electric nail files, the market for them still exists.  Consumers really want this type of product to work.  These ineffective products can be found today on the shelves of large retail stores, pharmacies, beauty suppliers as well as in the pages of techy specialty catalogs.  Come Christmas time, they show up every year in stores as gift sets.  The traditional electric nail file has been repeatedly repackaged with more pieces thrown into the kit, but they are essentially the same product that was launched decades ago.

Bellasonic is a revolutionary electric nail file…that works!  The Bellasonic Advanced Nail Grooming System is the next generation electric nail grooming tool.  It is different from all existing competitors in that its patented head oscillates back and forth rather than spinning continuously in one direction.  The result is less heat caused by friction and gentler, more effective nail and cuticle grooming.  The system includes four interchangeable discs of varying grit, a USB cable for its rechargeable battery and a storage cradle.

Flawless nails and beautiful feet can now be achieved at home with ease!


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