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Nail Trends for Fall 2020 Are Anything But 'Basic'

Moving On: Millennials, Manicures, and TikTok

The worst of the heat waves are over. A new school year has started. And Starbucks is now serving its Pumpkin Spice Latte. We all know what that means: fall is here!

Everyone can recognize the signs of autumn approaching: the foliage starts changing colors, the days get shorter, the air gets cooler, and our outfits get more layered. We swap our dewy and colorful makeup palettes for more muted and matte colors. Some of us dye our hair a few shades darker. Many of us pull out our boots, scarves, and wool socks. There are an endless amount of fall ‘trends’ that everyone tends to follow. They might look a little 'basic,' but fall is comfortable, reliable, and familiar - no wonder it's considered such a cozy season.

But the year is 2020, and let’s face it: absolutely nothing is going as planned, and nothing is what it used to be! So when it comes to your fall manicure routine, consider mixing it up this year. There are no rules or regulations in 2020 (except wearing your mask!), so don’t be afraid to try out some of the newest – and most unexpected – nail trends we’ll be seeing this season:

Multi-colored French Tips:
This is not your mother’s French manicure! One of our favorite up-and-coming styles is the multi-colored French manicure. Summer was the season of long, colorful acrylics and gels, but for fall, consider going with a shorter nail length and varying the colored tips you choose. A neutral nail bed goes great with any color palette: maybe reds, browns, burgundies, nudes, and creams, OR yellows, pinks, greens, teals, and violets. It’s a little class with a lot of sass.

If you wear acrylics, ask your nail tech to go short and rounded for a more natural shape to get in line with the more subdued nature of the fall season. If you’re unable to hit the salons, though, try using an electric nail tool like the Bellasonic 4-in-1 Electric Nail File Set to give you a professional-quality manicure at home. Each Bellasonic comes with 4 discs that are each designed to smooth, shape, buff, and shine your way to a professional-quality manicure at home!

Animal Print or Geometric Design:
This summer, one of our favorite nail icons, Kylie Jenner, was spotted wearing a ‘mismatched’ manicure, and we were huge fans of her animal print design. Use a natural nude as the base color and then top it with brown, black, or burgundy animal print patches. The color palette works great for the fall season...just picture how cute it will look with your cable-knit sweaters and pumpkin spiced coffee.

For the geometric look, try using a deeper hue for your base (like forest green, matte black, or deep purple). Use bright contrasting colors like silver or gold for the lines and shapes. The geometric look is all about the severity of your shapes, so make sure you’re using the right tools and stickers to get you the lines you’re looking for!

Chromatic & Metallic Nails:
This fall trend might just be our favorite. Chrome nails are going to be big this fall, and we couldn’t be bigger fans. Whether you’re trying to look savage, classy, boujee, cute, or sassy, a solid chrome polish will stand out on its own, without the need of any glitter, design, or tips. Since your fall wardrobe is likely composed of more muted and tonal colors, a pop of metallic color on your nails can be the best (and most unexpected!) accessory. We’re like silvers, burnt oranges, and burgundies the best.

Negative Space Nails:
The negative space nail trend is one of the most unique nail trends to hit the scenes for Fall 2020, but as minimalist as it may seem, it’s also unusually elegant. Think of it as a blend between multi-colored French tips and animal print: it’s basically a neutral nail bed ‘bordered’ by thin ribbons of color. If you’re feeling bold, try ‘blotting’ the edges of your nails with a bright yellow or orange. If you’re feeling more subdued, contrast the nude nail with a deep purple or candy apple red. You might be surprised by how pretty your nails look and feel with a little burst of color. There’s nothing negative about this style!

Multi-Colored French Tips Fall 2020 Nail Trends
Black and Gold Multi-Colored French Tips Fall 2020 Nail Trends
Animal Print Fall 2020 Nail Trends
Animal Print Fall 2020 Nail Trends
Geometric Fall 2020 Nail Trends
Geometric Fall 2020 Nail Trends
Chrome Fall 2020 Nail Trends
Metallic Fall 2020 Nail Trends
Negative Space Fall 2020 Nail Trends
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We’ve shown you just a few of the major nail trends you’ll be seeing this fall. Yes, they’re unexpected, atypical, and a little unusual when compared to the more typical trends we all know and love. But like we said: nothing about 2020 has been typical. So if you want to mix up your fall nail routine, have at it! You can still incorporate an autumnal color palette – think burgundies, greens, grays, reds, browns, and oranges – but with a 2020 twist.

And keep in mind: if you’re still having trouble getting an appointment at the salon, there are plenty of at-home products, tools, and kits you can use in the safety of your own home. Search your favorite online retailers for cuticle oils, polish removers, gels, acrylic kits, and electric nail files like the Bellasonic 4-in-1 Electric Nail File Set. Its patented movements actually reduce the damage or injuries that other electric nail tools can cause, and each of its 4 discs is designed to smooth, shape, buff, or shine your nails with professional quality.

And, if you’re really missing ‘the way things were,’ don’t be afraid to stick to your favorite fall nail trends. If solid swipes of reds, browns, and neutrals are what you normally wear during the fall, we encourage you to wear whatever makes you feel those warm-and-fuzzies that fall tends to bring.

In a year where absolutely everything has been altered and changed, it’s kind of nice to count on the things we know and love. Just imagine if Starbucks didn’t roll out the Pumpkin Spice Latte this year...could we even really say then that it’s fall? 

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